David Good was born on November 2, 1986 at the Bryn Mawr hospital in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. He is the son of a prominent American anthropologist, Kenneth Good, and a Yanomami indigenous woman, Yarima. The story behind his parent's  marriage has been syndicated across the world as their unique romance and relationship captured the interest of major television agencies, news outlets, and magazines. 

In 1992, David and his family were featured in a  National Geographic film called The Yanomami Homecoming documenting a return expedition to their Yanomami home known as Hasupuwei-teri. The story of David's parents can be read in his father's memoir called INTO THE HEART. David spent the first 5 years of his life traversing between two radically different cultures; one of the industrialized United States and the other of a remote village nestled deep in the Amazon rain forest of southeastern Venezuela . 


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As a Yanomami-American, David wrestled with his indigenous identity especially since his mother left the family when he was five years old. It would take twenty years before he would be able to embark on a journey back to his indigenous homeland to reunite with his mother. His accounts can be read in his memoir titled THE WAY  AROUND. Below is a passage:

During my stay with the Yanomami, I have realized that we have so much to learn and gain from such a great and proud people. Though my village has no written language, no calendar, does not count beyond two and is unaware of what is beyond their tropical borders. I have learned and experienced the essence of what it is to be human. The Yanomami, free from distractions and woes of modern technology and societal strife, are intimately intertwined with the environment and have taught me genuine human interaction.

David attended East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania where he received his undergraduate degree in biology in 2011. In 2013 he founded The Good Project.  In 2015, he received his master's degree in biology at the same university. He is a member of the micriobiology lab in the Department of Translational Medicine at NYU. He is a biology adjunct at the Northampton Community College of Pennsylvania. David is a public speaker and travels dometically and internationally to educate, raise awareness, and provide personal, unique insights  on the world of the Yanomami.