About the Cabecar


The Cabecar people are an indigenous group residing in 8 protected territories in Costa Rica. With a population of over 11,000 distributed among over 80 communities, or villages, they are arguably known as one of Costa Rica’s most remote and isolated indigenous group.

The community in which we have established strong rapport and collaboration is called Sinoli. At an elevation of about 2,000 feet it is nestled in the mountainsides of the protected Chirripo indigenous territory. Not far is the Rio Chirripo del Atlantico. This river begins in the hillside of the Chirripo mountain and runs through almost 90,000 hectars covering the indigenous reserve. The nearby Pacuare river runs parallel to the Chirripo.

Derivative of the Chibchan language family, they are unique in that the majority of the population (at least 95%) speak their native tongue.  This is a testament to their strong and cohesive cultural identity in the face of increased integration of the Costa Rican dominant culture. However, they often feel marginalized and “forgotten” as they cope with finding their respective place in their ever increasing globalized and changing world.

The Good Project partners with Voz Que Clama, a missionary group that has worked among the Cabecar for over ten years. Visit their page here for more information.





Volunteer Learning Trips

Over the years, The Good Project has established a strong and friendly rapport with the Sinoli community. With our partner, Voz Que Clama, we have been able to create an interchange with the Cabecar that involves providing assistance when they request it. In return, they host us within their territory and teach us their unique culture. Every year, we gain valuable insight and knowledge of their dynamic way of life. We strive to always listen and learn and develop a more comprehensive understanding of their traditional customs and their increasing intercultural world.

The Costa Rica Volunteer Learning Trip is a biannual alternative break program offered January and May/June of every year. This program provides volunteers an opportunity for a cross-cultural immersion experience among the Cabecar. Every trip involves various projects and objectives determined and requested by the Cabecar people themselves. This trip is not for the faint of heart. If you like adventure, hiking, volunteering, and experiencing new cultures and languages first hand, then please inquire about our next trip using the link below.



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