The Good Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the education, health care, and cultural preservation of the Yanomami and Cabecar indigenous groups in South and Central America, respectively. Founded by David Good in 2013, The Good Project (TGP) team abides by a strict code of ethics in order to serve as a trustworthy bridge between the traditional worlds of natives and the industrialized world. TGP is careful never to engage in any exploitative manner and is keenly aware of the sensitive balance between supporting social and economic progression while encouraging traditional values and customs and supporting their preservation.

Our mission requires TGP staff to spend extended periods within the Cabecar and Yanomami territories to better understand their ways of living, languages, and the impacts of exposure to other cultures. The Good Project engages with existing local and national NGOs and support groups with similar missions to create a community of collaboration that sets common goals and shares resources to achieve them. Additionally, TGP educates the general public of the different ways of living observed in these remote groups in order to provide cross-cultural awareness.