Yarima in 2013. Playing with a capuchin monkey

Expedition Yarima

Dear Good Project supporters, We are asking for your help in hosting a special Yanomami woman in the United States. She is native to the Amazon rain forest in Venezuela. Her wealth of knowledge of the ecosystem needs to be documented, shared and passed down to future generations so that we can raise awareness on protecting […]


Honoring my family

As I was preparing for my next expedition to my Yanomami village this morning (I think it’s funny that I call visiting my mom an expedition ?), I found this blast from the past! In my book, I recalled a memory of when I was in elementary school. I had walked into social studies class […]

Return to my Yanomami Homeland

[foogallery id=”1158″] Dear friends, family and followers, I and The Good Project are preparing for a return expedition to the Yanomami and my village of Irokai-teri. We need to raise $7,000 this summer in order to cover the vast array of expenses involved in traveling to the deepest parts of Venezuela’s Amazon rain forest. I will […]

Yarima in 2013. Playing with a capuchin monkey

Happy Mother’s Day

After a short 20-minute walk down a muddy trail, mom and I entered our plantain garden. The naked children scurried about meandering through the 12 foot trees fruiting hands of green plantains. They giggled and spat incessant chatter, periodically coming up to me to present a lizard they caught, or share a piece of fruit […]


Blog: Amazonian Centralia

[foogallery id=”1062″] March 19th,  2016 When Andrew, Seco and I finally made it past the Guaharibo rapids we quickly took notice of how the surrounding jungle was burning. There was smoke slowly spewing out from the under story on both sides of the river.  What I had remembered as a continuous lush, verdant  wall of foliage […]


Empowerment through Education

As Javier and I begin to receive endorsements from various  organizations in the development of our project, it is time to begin raising the funds for its implementation. I am ready to begin thinking about returning to my Yanomami family and friends. During my last trip, I had spoken to many Yanomami teachers and leaders […]


Volunteer Learning Program

One week in an indigenous reserve of Costa Rica. Adventure-Volunteer-Learn Overview Our 2018 trip has completed. We are thrilled by how much we have been able to accomplish and it would not be possible without your support. Please stay tuned for our announcement of the next trip in 2019. The Good Project’s Volunteer Trip is a biannual alternative […]