It is essential to educate others about the indigenous groups we work with.

The Good Project offers presentations and speaking engagements to secondary schools, higher education, businesses, social clubs, and special interest groups. Our multimedia presentations contain a wealth of information, and self-reflective questions about the globalization and cultures of the indigenous groups we serve.

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What to expect:

  1. An exciting, energized presentation that's unlike anything you're audience has seen before.
  2. Real photos and video of indigenous groups that give unique and curious insight into an oft-unseen world.
  3. Reflective questions about the globalization of our world, and what it means to be alive.
  4. A thoughtful question and answer segment.
  5. Educational resources and materials.

About David Good:

“My Yanomami family called me by name. Anyopo­we. What it means, I soon learned, is ‘long way around’: I’d taken the long way around obstacles to be here among my people, back where I started. A twenty­-year detour.”

For much of his young life, David Good was torn between two vastly different worlds. The son of an American anthropologist and a tribeswoman from a distant part of the Amazon, it took him twenty years to embrace his identity, reunite with the mother who left him when he was six, and claim his heritage.

David’s father, Dr. Kenneth Good, met Yarima while living and working with the Yanomami. Located in the Amazonas territory of Venezuela, the Yanomami are considered to be one of the last remaining groups with relatively minimal or no contact with the outside world.

After more than a decade of living with the Yanomami, Dr. Good and Yarima fell in love. Together, they left the jungle and began to raise three children in New Jersey. David was only six years old when his mother realized the modern world could never be her home, and left to rejoin her people in the Amazon.

Over 20 years later, David traveled to Venezuela to reunite with his mother. This sparked a drive which would lead to the founding of The Good Project, and our dedication to the Yanomami, and the Cabecar.


David's Yanomami Reunion

My Amazonian Adventure:  A personal look into David Good’s backstory and his struggles as an adolescent. Travel over 20 years to the reunion with his family and re-connection to indigenous roots, as David discovers the deeper meaning in his heritage and culture.

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The Yanomami

The Yanomami Welcoming:  Explore one of the last remaining indigenous groups living a largely traditional life-style. Focused on the modern growth and struggles of the Yanomami, this presentation reaches into a world where few have ventured. Discover their culture, spiritual beliefs, societal norms, interpersonal relationships, and other extraordinary aspects of the current-day Yanomami.

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The Cabecar

Expedition Costa Rica:  While on a research trip, David was drawn to the Cabecar territory in Costa Rica. Once there, he empathized with their struggles and felt the striking similarities to his Yanomami heritage. Expedition Costa Rica delves into The Good Project's relationship with village Sinoli, the Cabecar culture, and our partners/collaborators in the area.

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David Good Skyped with my Cultural Anthropology last year and the students LOVED him and his story. After his talk many students were hooked on anthropology. Thank you, David. I retired this year but that was one of the highlights of my career.

Pam Haley, Deerfield High School

Hosting David Good as a guest speaker was the highlight of my teaching career! David’s story captivated an audience of over three hundred high school students for over an hour. His speaking style was dynamic and engaging as he recounted his incredible life story. From his struggles as an adolescent youth to his incredible journey to reconnect with his indigenous family in South America, he really connected well with our students. It was one of the most educational and inspirational assemblies I have ever attended. Students benefited tremendously from David’s life lessons as well as learning about indigenous cultures and taking action to protect them. His presentation and continued collaboration with our school provides the meaningful learning opportunities all educators are striving for!

Ryan Daly, Westfield High School

On behalf of the Cosmopolitan Club of Philadelphia, I would like to extend my thanks and gratefulness to you for sharing your story with us tonight. You touched all of our hearts very deeply, and I firmly believe that you have the ability to change the world by bridging the many gaps that we have in the world and showing what's really important about being human. You have an extremely engaging presentation style which will enable you to go far as an inspirational speaker.

Grace, Philadelphia Cosmopolitan Club